This Customized Mattress Knows Exactly How You Like to Sleep

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Few things are as bad as sleepless nights. When we find ourselves tossing and turning, we consider all the factors that could be preventing us from getting some much-needed shut-eye. Maybe it's the blue light from our phone or the food we ate for dinner. Or perhaps it's something much more fundamental: We're sleeping on a crummy mattress.

But rather than head to the nearest store to test out beds, we ordered a new Helix mattress online (gasp!). And we've been sleeping soundly ever since. Here's why: Before you purchase a mattress, the company asks you more than a dozen multiple-choice questions. (How tall are you? What's your preferred sleeping position? Do you get hot at night? How would you describe your current mattress?) Based on those answers, Helix customizes the mattress to your exact needs. Beds start at $600 for a twin and work their way up to $995 for a California king.

We have to admit we were a little nervous letting an algorithm determine our ideal sleeper. But after the very first night, we woke up feeling well-rested and refreshed-and didn't have to hit the snooze button. Still not convinced? Helix is offering readers $50 off the purchase of any mattress when they use the code GREATIST at checkout.

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