5 Healthy Grilling Recipes to Make All Summer Long

When the mercury begins to soar, turning on the oven or stovetop is the last thing we want to do. What's a healthy chef to do? Get out of the kitchen and turn on the grill, of course! Steaks and burgers (veggie or meat) are always great, but you can get much more inventive with the Weber. Here are just a few original ideas to rev up any warm-weather meal.

Chicken Shawarma With Tomato-Cucumber Salad

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Give this Middle Eastern favorite a healthy makeover by whipping it up at home. Flavorful chicken; tangy yogurt dressing; and plenty of fresh, crunchy vegetables make this dish a wholesome and refreshing summer meal. Cut down on calories by using low-fat yogurt and boost fiber with a whole-wheat pita.

Summer Sangria

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Mix up a pitcher of this crowd-pleasing punch for any outdoor get-together. Grilling the oranges and limes brings out the citrus flavor, and plenty of red wine and orange liqueur make this drink positively party-ready.

Grilled Halibut With Cherry Tomato and Corn Salsa

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This fish recipe keeps it simple and delicious. Season halibut fillets with olive oil, salt, and pepper and top with sauce made with tomatoes, corn, shallots, basil, and garlic.

Grilled Fruit With Honey and Yogurt

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Leave the elaborate layer cakes and flourless chocolate desserts for winter dinner parties. Instead, let early summer stone fruits shine with this simple, sweet dessert. Grill peaches and plums, add some shredded basil, drizzle the whole shebang with honey and nuts, and serve on top of yogurt.

Grilled Cabbage Wedges With Spicy Lime Dressing

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Normally plain-Jane cabbage gets the royal treatment in this recipe. Grill cabbage wedges and top them with sweet-salty lime sauce for a colorful, flavorful, and super-easy side dish.